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"One-stop blog for all your Once-ler fandom and Illumination Entertainment news, updated weekly." - The "Press" sidebar

"The Unless Press" is a blog that gives weekly updates on various happenings in the Once-ler/Lorax fandom, from ask blog relationship statuses to any information released by Illumination Entertainment in regards to The Lorax. It also reports on any information dealing with Illumination Entertainment and their films in general. The blog also does various interviews with fans and askblogs.

The first issue was posted August 16, 2012, and the most current was posted May 13, 2014. The blog is on a temporary hiatus at the moment.

The blog is currently run by Tumblr member Plutonis. They serve as the sole operator, writer, and editor. The actual format/look of the paper is a preset newsletter theme that can be found in Microsoft Word. You can contact them personally here .To sign up to volunteer, there is more information here.

A new issue is posted every Tuesday evening at 3:00 PM PST.

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