Stripper Once-lerwas created during the Camp fuckface AU by tumblr user stilettoscream. His blog was temporarily deleted as a result of the "post a picture, josephine!" fiasco, but it is up and running again. wait what the FUCK

About The Ask BlogEdit

stilettoscream created Stripper on a whim because she enjoyed being a part of the ask blog madness with her first creation Dragon sexer Once-ler. The blog is only text posts; the runner cannot run its stupid fucking ass. Its updates are fucking retarded..

About The CharacterEdit

Stripper Once-ler is an outgoing version of the Once-ler who took up strip-teases to generate income before his thneed took off. He enjoys it so much that he kept going even after the thneed became popular.

He is close to Eskimo Once-ler, and he is often encouraged to make a move. Suprisingly (when one considers his profession), he wants to take it slow. During the Camp Weehawken AU, he asked Eskimo to the camp dance, but was struck temporarily blind shortly afterwards. A few minutes into the dance, Eskimo was turned into a cannibal. They had intended to dance, but Stripper's blindness plus his healing axe wound rendered him a useless dance partner, and the two ended up doing arts and crafts. In a fic by stilettoscream, the two return to their cabin, and are alone. Stripper kisses Eskimo, but they are interrupted by Scottish Once-ler and Mermaid Once-ler. Their relationship now is...complicated.

Stripper did not participate in the Zombie AU, due to the mod's limited internet access.

He calls everyone "chickadee", "doll", "baby" or "babydoll."

He usually goes by the name Stripper.

He only wears stiletto heels.


Stripper is outgoing, sarcastic, cheerful and proud. He "knows how to take care of himself", and has been known to kick rowdy customers in the face. He loves to eat daddy's ass mmmmmmshhnmmm yummy yum daddy you taste SOOOO good


People have begun to ship Stripper and Eskimo. There is no official ship name yet.

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