Split Personality Once-ler

Also known as

Split, Splitsy, Twice-ler, Twice, Twice-y (by Anna), Mr. Once-ler


6 ft 5 in


160 lbs




April 22, 1986


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Character DescriptionEdit

He was a normal Once-ler up until the point when his business really took off and got successful. Due to the stress of it all his personality split into two distinct people, Split and Twice-ler. They both have traits of the original Once-ler but separated and intensified. Split is the main personality who is out most of the time. However, if he gets too stressed, scared, or nervous it will trigger him switching to Twice-ler. Twice-ler will switch back to Split if things get too calm or boring.



Split isn't quite as confident as your average Once-ler. He's timid and gets nervous easily, commonly falling into mild stuttering. He's also rather humble and can get a bit bashful about compliments, that is unless you're talking about his invention or his company. He's very proud of the success of the Thneed, and will happily tell you how great it's doing. In fact if you ask how he's doing he'll likely tell you about the company rather than himself, and in reality it really is doing better than he is. Because of it he can be a work-a-holic, spending most of his time in the office. He even goes so far as to let it affect his sleeping and eating schedules, thus causing his thinness and the bags under his eyes. In addition to this he still has that typical Once-ler stubbornness, always making excuses for himself and what he's doing and refusing to see the problems before him. This tendency applies to the trees as well, something he feels guilty about deep down but constantly talks himself out of with excuses.

Despite his underlying nervous tendencies, he tries hard to act polite, professional, and confident for the business. He'll usually greet the more normal Once-lers quite enthusiastically, but all his confidence disappears in the face of the more frightening ones. However, he's rather soft hearted, so he'll usually warm up to them as well fairly quickly if they're nice. Otherwise he may get too worked up and turn into his other self...


Twice-ler is loud, confident, and full of himself. He loves to party and to do anything else exciting that he considers 'fun'. He always has to be the center of attention, and seems to be under the delusion that everybody loves him as much as he loves himself. In his mind he's cool, fun, smart, and handsome to boot, but in reality he comes off as annoying. He'll blurt out his opinions regardless of rather anyone really wants to hear them. But then again he considers himself to be right about everything. This extends to his habit of never calling anyone by their real name, but instead by a nickname that he believes suits them. It's these sorts of things that cause him to be considered a jerk. He'll say rude things to people and considers it their problem if they're offended.

Despite how he tends to treat people, Twice-ler doesn't handle loneliness well. Whenever he does anything he prefers to drag someone along with him. That's where his habit of kidnapping people to make them have fun comes in to play. How those trips go all depends on rather or not you agree with him. If you go along with everything he says, he'll actually be rather nice to you, otherwise he can get mean. He's somewhat of a bully in that regard.

Another thing is that he has a quick temper, and it can be pretty bad at times. He'll hit things have questionable stability in those cases. He doesn't really seem to be capable of true sadness or worry. Any negative emotions such as those have a tendency to come out as more anger. Fortunately in most cases his anger passes as quickly as it arrives.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Like any Once-ler, Split is tall and skinny, though he may be a hair thinner due to his eating habits. Other notable features include the bags under his eyes as mentioned earlier. He has aquired very good posture since becoming so involved in business. Twice-ler's posture can be lazy at times, however.

Split wears the typical green suit and top hat, though he doesn't wear any sun glasses. Twice-ler on the other hand, wears shades at almost all times. He doesn't wear a coat or hat, and wears his shirt untucked with the collar flipped up. They both wear the signature green gloves.


The blog is a combination ask and roleplay blog. Split writes in normal text while Twice-ler writes in bold text. It will talk to anyone and even cross fandoms. Roleplay format is flexible and will usually change to match the partner. However, the blog maintains a PG-13 rating and won't roleplay sex.

AU VersionsEdit

Camp WeehawkenEdit

Nickname: Split

Age: 13

Favorite activities: Crafts, swimming, running

Least favorite activities: Archery, climbing, or basically any of the activities that show that he’s not really that strong yet

Split's a shy kid there who's probably a bit too skinny since he shot up fast. The whole reason he's at Weehawken is because his mom had this whole spiel about it being “character building” and him needing to grow up. He had a rather bad stutter.

Twice-ler’s his almost disturbingly real imaginary friend who’s always making unsettling suggestions. There’s a lot of “Twice-ler told me to do it.” going on, and Split would get beat up by some of the other kids for saying things like: “Twice-ler says you’re an idiot.”

Thneedville HighEdit

Meet your Economics teacher(s)!

Mr. Split/Mr. Twice-ler

It’s only actually Economics class with Mr. Split though. He actually cares a lot about teaching the kids to succeed economically, but at the same time he tries to make it enjoyable for them since he really wants them to like him. Because of this he’s probably too nice and is bad at discipline. Sometimes he can get a little too into his lectures and bore them to death.

Mr. Twice-ler just does crazy stuff with the kids but makes sure the principal doesn’t find out. He says they need him as a role-model for being cool and having fun. He doesn’t tolerate them doing anything he doesn’t like though. Also he has a tendency to flirt with some of the other faculty members.

Truffula FluEdit

Due to the high stress of the situation, Twice-ler became the dominant personality to handle things. He also developed a few other personalities, among them Gina and Thrift-ler.