Spirit-ler is an askblog, which makes it possible to speak to the restless soul of departed Oncie. He is permanently looking for his Mommy...and won't go, until he finds her.

He have no clue what where happened to him most of the time - but there is also a other side, which was triggered for the first time, when his brain came to life again, because of a M!A. The "other" Spirit definitly knows, whats going on - and acting in the most worse way!

(Please feel free to erase any grammar or spelling mistakes, because the writter of this article isn't a native english speaker!)

Appearance Edit

Spirit seems to be a very young fellow. He don't look older, then a 10 year old boy, but is dressed in a blue and ripped version of Once-lers buisness-suit. The little Truffula-Flower in the front pocket is black.

His arms and also his mouth are missing and he owns a foggy ghost-tail instead of legs.

He's having dark blue hair with a light-blue strand. The eyes are pitchblack with blue, glowing pupils.

The whole body is made out of cold fogg, which is people normally making shivering when he appears.

Character Edit

The little fogg-cloud seems to be confused and deadly depressed most of the time, but can be also very cheerfull and "childish". He often seeks for the near of persons he likes.

Spirit seems to be a child, which has lost something important and now spending all the time for searching it.

He also have big holes in his memory.

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