Overmind Greed-ler

Also known as



140 ft


730 tons




April 22, 1983





Character DescriptionEdit

This Greed-ler takes the form of a giant from another planet who came here to start his thneed business. Where he comes from everyone communicates mentally so he is able to read minds. He can also influence the thoughts and actions of others which he uses to run his factory. Despite all this he is very friendly, polite, and genuinely caring. He’s fascinated by everything here and loves making new friends.


Physical CharacteristicsEdit

His species is very similiar to humans, with a few notable differences. First of course is his massive size, everything on his planet is essentially proportionately larger. Also notable are his striking purple eyes, which aren't always so easily seen due to his shades. He has a faint purple swirl marking on his left cheek, which runs down his neck and into other markings down his left shoulder and arm. In addition his blood is a lavender color.

Clothing wise he wears a suit not unlike other Once-lers with the exception of it being red. He wears a top hat as well and purple sun glasses.


His most notable abilities are his mental ones. He is able to read people's minds, speak into them, and control them. He constantly hears what you're thinking in the front of your mind, but is able to look deeper through memories and such by choice.

The mind control takes the form of a whispered command that the person is then compelled to follow. The effectiveness depends on how open and willing the subject's mind is. If they're completely willing, most of their mind can be controlled. Otherwise there's more of a struggle. If someone fights they can resist the suggestion. The ability is rather versitile and can be used to rearrange or quiet a person's thoughts. He has used it in this way to calm panicked people.

It is also likely that he would be able to attack someone mentally, but he has never tried it. Nor does he have any desire to unless the situation demanded it.


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