About the askblogEdit

One-ler 1

Art by Owl-ler

One-ler , often called One, is a cannibalistic aftermath Once-ler AU one of the first Once-ler AU askblogs made and was, according to the blog, made on March 25th in 2012. He currently is one of the more popular Once-ler askblogs out there. The moderator, Owl-ler, created the blog shortly after hoarding the URL One-ler which had orginally been a mere typo. She did not know exactly what the blog was going to be until a tumblr user 

suggested that she made a cannibalistic Once-ler askblog, thus One-ler was born. The blog has participated in many AUs including Camp Weehawken, Thneedville high , and the Zombie apocalypse AU . Most art on the blog is drawn by Owl-ler herself, unless it is reblogged fanart drawn by other oncelings.

About the CharacterEdit

Oneler is an aftermath Once-ler cannibal who feeds off those who are daring enough to step outside the walls of Thneedville and venture out into the barren wasteland once called the Truffula Valley. His arms are scarred with burns and his eyes are yellow. In the Thneedville High AU he acquires lip piercings. He guesses he is now approximately 32 years old, however, he has lost count of the years he has put himself in exile. He often hears voices and sees hallucinations, slowly driving away whatever pecks of sanity he has left.


Many pairings have been made with this askblog, the more popular ones including:

  • Swoncest (One x Swag)
  • Swonter (Swag x One x Bitter)
  • Onecreep (One x Creepler)
  • Bitterone (One x Bitter)
  • 1Spookstar (One x Spook x Rocky)
  • 1Spooky (One x Spook) 

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