The Agreement With Loki (Art by the creator of Loki-ler)

Character Description

​This Once-ler was normal until Loki came. He is post Greed-ler. The God of Mischief had escaped from Asgard and had to have somewhere to hide. So he chose a host. The Once-ler. And it was easy as well. He promised The Once-ler that his business will grow and never fail. And Once-ler took the deal, not knowing Loki's side of this little bargain until it was to late. Loki took over Once-ler's body and though he acts different and his hair grew out some. Nobody seems to notice or care. It also would seem that if Loki seperates from Once-ler for a long period of time the businessman shows signs of heavy fatigue and looks weak and at times looks like he's dying but Loki always goes back into his host. Around the factory the trees continue to grow quickly due to Loki's magic. So thneeds and trees will never run out. Though the Lorax is against it but is unable to say much to the God of Mischief.


He talks a tad different from usual. His voice is like another's voice. But at times the host Once-ler slips through or Loki lets it happen. His Loki personality is calm but at times can get angry while Once-ler's personality is nice and is cautious around others at times.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

He is skinny and tall. Black hair and blue eyes that at times show green in the dark or in certain lights. Sometimes he is seen in his office of the factory in strange clothing and armor. Again no one that works there really asks.

AU SidesEdit

Camp WeehawkenEdit

Name: Loki-ler


Weehawken Loki-ler (art by creator)

Nick Name: Loki, (Little) Trickster, Prankster

Age: 12

Likes: Pranks, Arts, Crafts, Sticks/bones to put in his hair, animals, exploring, bullying and threatening with his pranks.

Dislikes: Being small, Outpranked, veggies, people with no sense of humor

Physical Characteristics: He wears two twigs or two bones in his hair to make him look bigger, scary, and seen as the only prankster.He is small for his age. His eyes are a blue color and he always has a little smirk on his face unless angered or sad.


He is different, short tempered, very clever, naughty and a very big trouble maker. He was a bit shy at camp but is a true prankster. So those that follow him and those that stay out of his way are smart. He goes out at night, breaks rules but is never usually caught. When he is he cries and says other kids dared him and threatened him. He lies greatly to. While kids were afraid to go out at night because of the ghost stories of the puma and demon he happily ventured out in search of them.

Truffula FluEdit

Loki-ler found out about the flu when his own workers started to show signs of sickness. He also noticed weird spores in the air. It made the workers of his factory start to get sick and slowly become infected. Loki-ler prefers calling them: Infected or Zombies.

He (with the help of Once-ler) managed to make a system that filters more cleaner air into the factory. It doesn't seem to affect the God while the host coughs at times. But doesn't get infected possibly due to Loki inside of him.

His weapon his his axe and some of Loki's magic. For now they are not infected and live in the factory that is not making thneeds at the current time.

The BlogEdit

It is a Ask/Roleplay Blog. Any fandom and anyone will be spoken to. Replies can be short or long depending on either the ask/roleplay. The blog says NSFW but it is just a pre-caution in case there is violence or pictures.

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