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About the askblogEdit

Although technically classing as a green-suited Once-ler, Insomnia-ler is well known for wearing the colour blue instead, as well as his inability to sleep with any consistency, hence his title. His first post was made on the 22nd of June, and a combination of fanart and edited screencaps are used to illustrate the blog.

About the characterEdit

With nicknames including "Sommy", "Sunny", and "The Blueberry King", Insomnia-ler spends most of his time working, blogging, and taking walks around the factory. While his business is successful, he often reflects on what he's doing and shows some recognition that things aren't perfect. His mood fluctuates a little erratically due to a lack of sleep and general stress from running a business, but while he may occasionally lose his temper his intentions are mostly good and he seems to lean towards self-improvement on good days.

He is in a romantic relationship with Bedtime Once-ler , and both seem happy to be together.

When he's not being an upstanding CEO or spending time with his boyfriend, he occasionally lapses into nightblogging with other Tumblr users and posts music and large amounts of blue-coloured food.

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