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Inkblood Once-lerEdit

About the askblogEdit

Ask-Inkblood-Once-ler , often called Ink, is a greensuited Once-ler. However, the black saliva and blood staining his suit black say otherwise. According to the blog's archives, it was made on May 9th, 2012.

He currently has over 2,000 followers and is considered one of the, first of many, “creepy” Once-lers. The moderator's blog can be found here , and has made a few OOC posts on the askblog itself.

This blog has participated in a few AU's, including the Weehawken AU and the Zombie Apocalypse AU . The blog does not usually feature art, however it is not unusual for there to be reblogged fanart or quick drawings by the moderator.

About the CharacterEdit

Ink is a Once-ler where the "curse" that the Lorax set upon him, just before his bed is put into the river, is taken a little more seriously. Every tree he destroys slowly causes his appearance to become more monsterous and, at times, it also affects his health. It could eventually kill him all together.

The curse progressed starting with his appearance. A painfully elongated spine, sharpened teeth and nails, soon followed by blackened blood and saliva, among other body fluids. Smoggy breath, as well, and more recently, Truffula tree-like stripes on his arms and legs. More information on the curse here.

He cares for a pet turtle, found on his blog, named Scone. She was rescued by one of his workers from a polluted river near the factory. He also has a love for Nutella.

His curse has not affected how he views the world or how he acts, not from what he can tell. He had ordered employees to replant Truffula seeds as they find them, in an attempt to keep the curse at bay. More recently, he hired the Once-ler known as Nerd-ler to build a machine for picking the Truffula tufts. 

It should be noted that he has a tattoo on his hip, and a navel ring. Both were the results of becoming intoxicated at some point. He now refrains from drinking whenever possible.

The most recent happenings include his engagement with his long time friend, Nerd-ler.


Pairings have been made with this askblog, the more popular ones including:

  • Low ink (Ink x LQ-ler)
  • Inkbow (Ink x Bowtie*)
  • Inktre (Ink x Entre)

Ask-that-bow-tie-onceler; blog has been deactivated/abanduned