"TruffleKazam!"- Genie-ler's magic word when casting a spell.



Genie-ler is an all-round Once-ler ask-blog as he RPs, creates art, answers all questions and will get involved in Aus. He is run by Fruitsparkle and is her second created Once-ler. However he is the only one out of the two Once-ler’s with an ask-blog as the other is well known through DeviantART and a couple of ask-blogs on Tumblr (Demonler and Mr. Thneed are examples). He made his apperance on the 17th September.

Biography Edit

Genie-ler lived the same past as the film Once-ler until the Lorax arrived in the forest. Unlike the film where the Once-ler didn’t notice, Genie-ler did and in a panic ran outside to find Melvin. However Genie-ler got struck by the lighting and as a result got fused with some of the Lorax’s DNA. Once-ler changed his name to Genie-ler when discovering his powers and is currently learning how to control them.

Genie-ler mainly RPs with Keep-ler and is currently dating him. However, he’s bisexual as he dated Norma a few years back and have stayed friends since. Genie-ler is good friends with several other Once-ler's too and on a daily bases (under Fruitsparkle however) talks to them.

Genie-ler's story is set from when he arrived in the forest to before his family arrived; about a month later. His greed-ler side has only made one apperance during a RP with Keep-ler where his first M!A was to be mentally unstable which cause his Greed-ler side to awaken.

Greed-ler side of Genie-ler (Curse-ler) is a form of dark magic that sleeps in Genie-ler's heart. He has never been shown through art but plans have been made to. Curse-ler seems to have control over his powers and isn't easy to defeat. However his is weak minded and so Genie-ler can easily take back his body. Curse-ler can perform magic but is weak minded whilst Genie-ler has trouble performing magic and is very strong-willed. He can only appear if someone takes the chain off the lamp. Genie hears his voice however and has nightmares about his dark-side.


Genie-ler is very care-free and loves everyone being happy and cheerful. He does his best to support others but will get into fights if needed, as much as he tries to stay out of them. Genie is a skilled fighter with his magic and so not many try to fight him. Genie can be embarrassed at times but he is a good liar. Genie keeps his promises, but only if he knows that he can.

Curse-ler loves to fight and see others in harm. If someone tries to grant a wish from him (he dusgises himself as Genie) he will turn it into a nightmare in their heads or will grant the wish but with a curse following hense his name.


Genie-ler dressed just like the Once-ler until he became Genie-ler where a mixture of both his Greed-ler and average clothes got fused together. Genie-ler wears his gray hat and jacket, but his white shirt is short sleeved as his long green gloves replaced his gardening ones. He wears his Greed-ler tie and wears a black belt with the golden chain which seperates his body and torso which is just a genie-designed tail which show the colours of his gray-striped pants. Genie-ler can regain his legs, but must focus on that area so the spell doesn't wear off.

Genie-ler's freckles are twice the size of any other Once-ler and has big almost manga-styled eyes in which his left eye is green; the colour of a true genie. His green eye is what gives away that he is a quarter genie.

Curse-ler dresses like an other Greed-ler Once-ler however his outfit is black and gray. His freckles still remian and Genie-ler's blue eye become red.


Genie-ler has cosmic powers and can grant any wish; however becasue he's only a quarter genie the wish will fade away quicker, depending on the size of the wish. He cannot kill nor bring someone back from the dead. Genie-ler also questions why he cannot read minds out of his powers which range from shape-shifting to extending his limbs and fingers. Genie also has a bad habbit for making wishes go wrong or backfire on several wishers. He cannot exstend a wish date and the cannot regrant the same wish.

Genie-ler's comic powers consist of:

  • Shape-shifting
  • Voice manipuation
  • Exstending limbs
  • His magic green eye which can see into the future and things that the naked eye cannot
  • Teleportation
  • Granting wishes
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Flight


Genie-ler was created long after Camp and Thneedville High ended and was created a few days after Bitter died in Truffula Flu. Genie-ler however will make large apperances in future AUs and will make his first AU apperance as a rifleman for Demon-Once-ler's (Fruitsparkle's 1st Once-ler) flying pirate crew for the rumored fantasy AU. He will be joined by Two-headed and Keep-ler who are members of the crew.

Relationships With Once-ler Ask-BlogsEdit

Keep-ler: Genie-ler is dating Keep-ler and RPs with him everyday on what they do whenever they meet each other. The pair have only been dating for a few days but yet have a strong connection as they talked to each other several days before. Genie was at first embarrassed to admit, but he eventually admited to Keep-ler that he wanted to date him.

Two-headed-Once-ler: Genie-ler treats the pair like brothers and is concerend for their safety; especially in Truffula Flu as he cannot enter so late in. He talks to them everyday and despite Right-ler's comments, Genie-ler still acts friendly to him.

Big-bad-wolf, Nervous-once-ler, sky-greed-ler, Book-loving, Lone-ler, Mr. Thneed, Demonler, Hippie-musician and Wendigo-ler : Genie-ler's other good friends who he talks to nearly everyday and treats them like brothers.

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