Camp Weehawken Dragon Tamer, by stilettoscream

Dragon Tamer Once-ler was created shortly before the Camp Weehawken AU by tumblr user stilettoscream. His blog was temporarily deleted as a result of the "post a picture, josephine!" fiasco, but it is up and running again as of September 22, 2012.

About The Ask BlogEdit

stilettoscream created Dragon Tamer because she desperately wanted to be a part of the ask blog fun. It is comprised of text posts because stilettoscream cannot draw. It has not updated since being re-established.

About The CharacterEdit

Dragon Tamer is a version of the Once-ler who lives with a pair of Earth dragons, Vindicio and his son Lephisto. His title is Dragon Tamer, but he is really Vindicio's servant. However, Vindicio is allowing him to train Lephisto under his close supervision. He works with the dragons because his thneed never took off.

About The DragonsEdit

Vindicio and Lephisto are a pair of Earth dragons. Vindicio is Lephisto's father, and Lephisto is being trained by Dragon Tamer Once-ler. Normally Lephisto would receive his training from the Dragon Father, but Vindicio has some sort of aversion to the Father and refuses to sent Lephisto to him.

Vindicio took the Once-ler as his servant because of his musical talents. He is a kind, understanding master.

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