The Dark-ler
The Dark-ler - A tiny piece of Hope


about 35-40 years


about 9 ft

Eye color

blue with red marks around pupils (glowing red during "blackouts")

Hair color

dark-gray, almost black


the old thneed factory


About the blogEdit

The blog was created at May 22nd, 2012. The autor prefers to tell stories about their character and lead certain storylines, so it's more of a roleplay blog than ask blog. But you are free both to start a new roleplay with the character or to ask a random question. Some questions or events from the character's life may be illustrated with art of the blog owner. Aside from current events in the blog, the autor writes stories from the character's past from time to time.

About the characterEdit

The Dark-ler's story began like a movie Once-ler story, but after a while since he started his business, something strange had begun to happen with him. Some unknown forces gradually turned him into a monster. He tried to find a cure, but it was useless. He started to blame The Lorax in what was happening to him, but he denied his fault. Unfortunately, changes of The Once-ler body affected his mind too: he became more irritable, demanding and angry.

When the last tree fell and everyone left him, it turned that because of his monstrous appearance he couldn't go anywhere. Not to mention that he was ashamed and scared. Loneliness and dispair eventually drove him insane completely, and so he had his first "blackout". He couldn't remember what he did during it, but when he came to his senses outside of the factory some time later, he had found a Truffula seed near him. And so he got hope to restore the valley and reason to live. He used factory machines to build a greenhouse and different machinery to clean water and air for the plants on the factory basement floor.

He don't know how many years he spent in the dead valley, but he is still trying to restore it. Though, he achieved only a little. He knows O'Hare personally and knows what is happening in Thneedville, but he don't want to show up there, afraid to make things worse. He fears that he may have another "blackout" and kill innocent people or destroy the town. As for the townspeople, they have a lot of spooky stories about him, many of which are far from the truth. Precisely townsfolk came up with the name "the Dark-ler" for him first. And later he accepted it too, because, as he says now, he is not the same man anymore.

The Dark-ler is still ashamed and disgusted by his body features and tries to hide it from strangers. Usually he hides his face with his tophat and a collar of his mantle. He wears his old, slightly modified, clothes which had been ripped and roughly stitched again for multiple times. Likes to hide in shadows both because of his appearance and a strange habit which he connects to his now half-monstrous nature. Excellent mechanic.

From time to time he has "blackouts" when his dark side goes free: he became more bestial and tries to satisfy himself in any possible way he can come up with. Usually he kills and eats people. But he has no additional personality. In his normal state he don't want to hurt anyone, though. During "blackouts" his eyes become red and glowing, and his blood leaks from his mouth.

Unusual features of The Dark-ler's bodyEdit

- rough brownish-gray skin, hard to damage;

- black pointy scales scattered through body, mostly on his back;

- "dragon-like" spinal crest;

- hunched back (he can't straighten it up);

- pains in body during movement;

- long and sharp black claws on fingers and toes;

- long and sharp yellowish pointy teeth;

- very long forked tongue;

- dark-green blood;

- inhuman strength;

- healing factor;

- immunity to any kind of pollution and chemical influence;

- ability to see in the complete darkness.

- magnificent exquisute elephant sized tiddies

- can stretch his neck like Little King John

- sings along perfectly to generic anime songs

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