"Sorry Genie isn't here at the moment. Can I take a message?"

Curse-ler or Cursed-Genie is the dark side of Genie-ler and who he'll eventually become during the years of his buisness. Fruitsparkles debated to create Curse-ler several times, but eventually created him as Genie-ler would honestly keep his promise even after his family arrives. Inspiration with Curse-ler mainly came from Inkblood, Right-ler and Possessed.


Curse-ler is what Genie-ler's dark magic that has taken form. When Genie and Keep-ler found a gem, it reacted to Genie's dark magic and consued Genie, creating Curse-ler. Curse-ler for several days taunted Genie-ler in his mind until Genie gave in and unleashed him. Curse has only appeared once but will continue to appear several more times until his family does arrive.


Curse-ler is the opposite of Genie in everyway. Curse-ler has a cold personality and loves to fight. He is smarter than Genie and loves to see others in misery (except for the ones that get onto his good-side). Curse-ler laughs in a manic way, even when not plotting anything. He is easily angered however and will harm anyone who does.


Curse-ler is dressed like any green-suited Once-ler but his suit is dark gray which match his powers. His right eye is red and Curse-ler has a habbit for drooling when he first awakens.

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