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I've been waaatching you, my dear.






No. Closed permanently.





About the askblogEdit

Creep-ler , who is usually called Creep, first became an active blog on June 9th in 2012. He is often classified as one of the "creepy" Once-lers, living up to his name.. The moderator wishes to remain mostly anonymous however it is no huge secret in regards to who they are. It is not often, however, that there are many out of character (OOC) responses or posts made. The blog has participated in the Camp Weehawken/Thneedville High AUs and the Zombie AU . The blog every so often uses reaction images made by either Creepmod themself or by friends and fans. In terms of other posts, images of various insects or short creepypastas are reblogged or put into the queue on occasion.

About the CharacterEdit

Creep is an aftermath Once-ler who spends his spare time creeping upon others, stealing panties and caring for his many insects which accompany him in his empty factory. The Once-ler is known to be openly affectionate with multiple people as well as for (formerly) having a small crush on One-ler.


Creep-ler was closed on June 9th, 2013 through plot-induced deoncelerization. It was discovered that he was, in fact, not really a Once-ler; he was simply an incubus that had taken over the canon Once-ler's body. After separation, the incubus -- Markus Sharpe -- returned home , leaving the Once-ler. The businessman then decided that he would go on a private journey to give away the remaining Truffula seeds.

Temporary Re-Opening and Curse BreakingEdit

Due mostly in part to Creep's fanbase showing dismay and general sadness over his deoncelerization, a plot was set in motion to bring him back on February 28th, 2014. Triggered by the death of Macab-ler , the Once-ler that Markus had possessed (known as Empty ) demanded that his final seed be planted so that he could join his lover in the afterlife. After having second thoughts mere moments before his death, Markus was (quickly) requested that he re-possess the Once-ler, thus saving his life while also freeing his valley of his curse. Creep-ler returned to the factory to observe the regrowth. However, it was revealed that the Once-ler himself had to die in order to fully lift the curse. Said death happened on May 21st, 2014.


Pairings have been made with this askblog / his split selves, though most have been rendered invalid due to mod conflicts and/or blog closures.

  • BigBugBites (Gluttony/Creep-ler)</li>
  • OneCreep (One-ler/Creep-ler)</li>
  • Arachnofun (Spider-ler/Creep-ler)</li>
  • Narcicest (Creep-ler/CentiCreep / Markus/Zeek / Creep-ler/Zeek)</li>
  • Shared Glow (Markus/Empty)</li>
  • Dead Men Walking (Empty/Macab)</li>
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