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Credit to Zombieskully "New Truffula Genes Successful!"

The Askblog Zombie apocalypse AU otherwise known as Thneedville: Ground Zero or Truffula Flu was started on the asktheyoungentreprenuer Once-ler blog before moving onto many AU blogs which can be found here.


Entre begins the apocalypse by Genetically modifying Truffula trees in order to create a wider viraty of colors in the tufts, however the fruits of the trees soon began infecting the Barbaloots which ate them and eventually the infection leaked its way into the polulation of Greenville and the other AUs.

New Truffula Genes Sucessful!

Something Weird With the Barbaloots...

Sales Booming!!!

Weird Growth...

Harvester Bitten

Failing Health of Harvester; More Employees Bitten

Employees Sick

A Disasterous Wreck




Going out

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