Spiritler :)Edit

Well that's a story

Art by Rory (Dipperhugs).

About the askblogEdit

Spiritler , also refered to simply as "Spirit" was created on September 13, 2012, by Rory (tumblr user Dipperhugs), who maintains the blog, and draws all of the art used.

So far, Spirit has only answered questions posed to him, but it's only a matter of time before he interacts with other blogs.

About the characterEdit

Spirit is a version of the Once-ler that, having died of old age after the events of The Lorax film, was given a new life as a forest spirit. He possesses spirit magic, like The Lorax, which manifests most frequently as a golden glow he uses to help sprout and grow new truffula trees. The full extent of Spirit's powers, much like The Lorax's, are unknown. Spirit is also immortal, and as such is not particularly good at keeping track of time. Still, he does have an exceptional memory, UNLIKE ME WHEN IT COMES TO MATH TESTS.

In addition to gaining these powers, Spirit's transformation has altered his appearance, causing him to take on a somewhat Lorax-ish look, including four fingered paw-like hands and feet, pointed ears, and fur that mimics the green suit and thneed he had worn prior to becoming a spirit. Though they are seldom if ever visible through his thick, pink moustache, Spirit also has pointed teeth, and his eyes glow golden, the colour of his magic, AND ALSO THE COLOR OF KUOUO'S PISS.

For the most part, Spirit is incredibly friendly and optimistic, having lived to see the forest replanted and given a second chance at a life to spend keeping others from repeating his mistakes, but on occassion his mood will swing in a completely different direction (for instance, becoming guarded and hostile when someone mentions harm coming to his for est).