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Art by Tumblr user Silouxa.

Bitter Once-lerEdit

About the askblogEdit

Bitteronceler , often shortened to 'Bitter' for ease of reference, first posted on the 21st of April in 2012 and has since consistently answered questions and interacted with other blogs.

He has participated in AUs including Camp Weehawken, Thneedville High , and the Zombie Apocalypse AU , as well as running a sideblog where questions seem to be answered with a little more thoughtfulness, albeit at a slightly slower pace.

About the characterEdit

Bitter Once-ler is by definition a 'post-downfall' Once-ler with a somewhat trademarked defensive attitude. He may at first seem difficult to get along with, but from prior interactions with others it can be determined that he harbours no negative feelings towards anyone but himself.

After first starting the blog, he insisted his primary goal was simply to be left alone, though as time has progressed he shows some signs of reconsidering this, occasionally permitting visitors and expressing some interest in interacting with others of his own volition.


Bitter has been paired up in many ships more popular ones including

  • Switter (Bitter x Swag)
  • Swonter (Bitter x Swag x One)
  • Bittre (Bitter x Entre)
  • Bitterone (Bitter x One)

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