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Bedtime Once-lerEdit

About the askblogEdit

Bedtime Once-ler , sometimes nicknamed BT, started posting on the 22nd of May. He uses both fanart and edited screencaps on his blog, which is mainly comprised of answered asks and foodblogging.

About the characterEdit

BT is primarily known for sleeping a lot and for being fairly lighthearted in his attitude. He quit trying to sell his thneed when it didn't take off, and instead spends his time asleep, making friends, and interacting with Insomnia-ler, who has become his close romantic partner.

He is sweet-natured though he has a few issues, mainly due to what he sees as 'failure' in being successful. Oddly, this seems to be so deeply-rooted that it triggered a strange nightmare-doppelganger to possess his body on occasion, causing a lot of worry for everyone even indirectly involved.

Otherwise, though, BT usually stays cheerful and tries to always be there for his friends despite whatever problems of his own he faces, making him very approachable.

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