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The Arcade-ler is part of an ask blog on the url for the blog is Arcade-lers blog

Arcade-ler is new to the scene so not much his known about him.

About the ask blog.Edit

Arcade-ler, also known as 'Arcade' is a man who barricades himself in an old run down arcade, never socializing or going outside for that matter.  

About the characterEdit

Arcade is a man who stays indoors, back in an old abandoned arcade he had fixed up when he was younger. He suffers from both Haphephobia (The fear of physical contact) and Agoraphobia (The fear of the ouside). This would be due to some things that happened to him when he was young. Arcade tends to blame himself for much troubles that have occurred in Thneedville, mainly the pollution which had caused many people to flee the town, leaving a population of under 300. He has very prominent dark circles underneath his eyes, followed by the almost pixelated looking pupils in his eyes. Underneath his eyes and on some parts of his cheeks have been discolored and "pixel-like", An old game controller seems to have tangled itself around his neck and thus hangs there in front of him. He is approximately twenty-two years old , he calls his arcade cabinets his 'friends' and proceeds to talk to them as if they were normal people.

Other information on him include:

  1. He is adept at fixing electronics and anything that works on gears.
  2. He has a strange obsession with clocks.
  3. He has a strange problem with paranoia, fearing no one wants to be his friend.
  4. He almost never talks about his past.

Fun facts:

The music presented on the blog: If you listen carefully you can tell it's mp3 of someone actually playing a game, The music is supposed to represent the sounds of Arcade playing his games that can be heard in a muffled manner from outside the old arcade building.

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