The Anti-Once-Ler is the complete opposite of the original Once-ler. That goes for his staining and also for his personality.

His civil name is Anthony Stonewell. Due to his intelligence and economy/political skills he successfully works as an adviser or manager for ineffective companies. He also sponsorships a lot of nature saving projects and orphanages.

The Anti-Once-ler lives alone in a forest near Salem/Oregon in a gorgeous mansion. He seems to be friendly to everyone around him but no one really knows, what's in his mind. There's always a mysterious glance in his eyes. Also there is a rumor that businessmen, who visited him in his mansion, never have been seen again afterwards.

Looks Edit

Anthony clothes all seem a bit inspired by the 19th century. They must have been really expensive tailor-made clothes, since he is 6.9 feet tall, but has a slender silhouette.

Since the Anti-Once-ler is an albino, he has plain white/silver hair (though the tips of his hair are a darker gray or blackish) and red eyes.

Also he has a rare skin disease, which he calls himself a pigmentary abnormality, which is light blue and goes from the edges of his face, down his neck. No one knows, whether his complete body is blue or not, since he never takes off any of his clothing, which covers his whole body and doesn't shows any more of his skin.

In order to also cover this blue marks on his neck and on his face, he always wears a wide collar.

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